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Me telling bad jokes and informing about our projectSo the last two days has been hectic. It was the two days we have been presenting our poster. From 12-14 we have been present at our poster. And what extacly is a poster session? Well its a chance to present a project, idea, collaboration, product. First you design a poster with your message, make sure there a lot of pictures illustrating your idea. The best thing would be that the Poster itself is selfexplainatory (ours wasn’t exacly). And then at a certain time during the conference you have to be present to explain your poster. That what i’ve been busy doing these past two days. And the funny thing is people you meet at the session are people you say hello and chat with during the rest of the conference. I was also given a lot of business cards, so you can contact people later on. I didn’t have any cards to give out, and i doubt that all of the people i gave my email adress to, will email me back.  Otherwise my inbox will be full when i get back;) Læs resten af dette indlæg »

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Main Square Helsinki

Well… the IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2012 in Helsinki doesn’t look exactly like this, but more like this:

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